My Story

Aging is a beautiful fact of life. Everyone does not have that opportunity. Having the fortune of diverse work experience from  Sesame Street to Wall Street, I have learned that people matter, not age. I have also learned that we do not change into “old people”; we evolve and transform into even better versions of ourselves. We know more, can do more, and are willing to share our hard-earned experience and expertise.

Everyone talks about sustainability but does not recognize the inherent power of sustainable knowledge. Shared knowledge is the way of the future.


I am a natural-born salesman and know that people hate to be” sold.” However, when you have a product you believe in, and it is good, it will not only sell itself, but the satisfied customer will sell it further. 

Fun fact: “The greater the ratio of 50-year-old innovators to 25-year-old innovators, the more likely the Nobel Prize-winning work or the groundbreaking technological development is to come from one of the 50-year-olds. Such demographic effects may be important because life expectancy and the population’s average age have risen substantially throughout the twentieth century.”