Jobs for people over 50

Whether you’ve been in the workforce continuously throughout your career or have taken a career break and are looking to get back into the labor market, there is a wide range of jobs available for senior workers and we will help you in the process.

Our Mission

Assiduous listening, meticulous research, and synergistic connections

We know that hard-earned knowledge is a precious commodity.
We understand that life experiences are an asset that do not depreciate over time.
We believe in the untapped power of sustainable knowledge.
We connect experienced, mature employees with companies.

We specialize in the Financial sector.
We specialize in the Hospital & Living Care facilities.

Your Story

If you have been around the block, the following list of reasons for rejection will not be new. The interviewer has read your CV, so they know it is not your first rodeo. They call you in for an interview and then conclude it with one or more of the following statements, or you can’t even get your foot in the door and receive a letter with one or more of the following statements.   Please check off the statements that you have heard. If you have something new to add to the list, please let us know!

1. You are overqualified.

2. You do not have enough experience in that field.

3. You are too expensive.

4. Why are you so cheap?

5. This is not your dream job.

6. We need someone with a good command of English.

Been There Done That and Created the Tee-Shirt. What’s Next?

You know the saying “been there done that and bought the tee-shirt,” meaning it is all old hat, dull and uninteresting.  However, businesses have to get the true-to-life view regarding people with acquired experience and work-life skills. You have been there. You have done that, but many of you have created the tee-shirt and are ready and capable of more. You have knowledge and experience to share. Knowledge earned is knowledge gained and never lost; it is valuable and sustainable.  You must know that. It is our job to make them see that. 

Those are their stories and dreams. So what’s your dream? Make your story. We got your back

For Employer


The Age of Experience: Go, Gray!


Companies are burdened with many new responsibilities and requisites. They have to be greener, leaner, diverse, and inclusive; thus, a massive amount of thought, time, energy, and money is being put into recruitment. What if you could, with one hire, cover all areas by creating a hybrid workforce that could maximize the skill sets of both the young and the older? The idea that the older generation is behind the curve when it comes to technology because they did not grow up with the internet is a myth. True, they did not grow up with the internet; they created it! Vint Cerf and Robert E Kahn, credited with creating the internet, were 49 and 54 years old.

By seasoning your payroll with older employees, you get people who have an edge in relationship-driven roles, who are adept, can adapt, and reinvent themselves. You have in one hire diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability: sustainable knowledge in the form of experience that serves as a stable foundation for building new skill-sets. Going gray affords your company or institution with those who are actively looking for a solid career in one place. They have honed critical thinking skills and make solid time-respecting decisions with a pro-active, positive practical, and collaborative attitude. This is not the “ghosting” generation, a new Gen Y and Millennials phenomenon. (disappearing without any notice).


As an article in the Herald-Tribune points out, “maturity has its value,” especially when it comes to working ethic, sharing knowledge, supporting teams, and serving customers; they have nothing to prove. They only want to improve, grow your company and grow with it. “Going grays” are described in a Forbes article as having “hard-wired knowledge and are worth wooing.” ( KathyHannon Forbes article 10 Reasons to hire 50 plus) states it clearly: It is time for a cultural wake-up call! 


The old phrase “It’s not personal. It’s just business” takes on a new twist for the “Going Grays”IT IS NOT JUST BUSINESS. IT ‘S PERSONAL!

We can do all of the legwork for you and provide you with not merely “the right fit” but the missing piece in the puzzle. Send us an email or give us a call and let yourself be surprised. 

Like we said: It is not just business.